Jiangsu L&B Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Corp., Ltd.

Jiangsu L&B Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Corp., Ltd.

Happy Holidays Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Thank Our Customers
Thank our customers worldwide for your business and support of our company. We are proud to welcome satisfied clientele and look forward to many years of working together.

Thank Our Suppliers & Partners
We appreciate the trust and support you have placed in L&B and will continue to work hard to bring our customers the competitive advantage you deserve and expect from us. Thank you for sharing your husband/wife/dad/mother with us and supporting the work he/she does. He/she a valuable contributor to our team and we appreciate him/her.

Thank Ourselves

L&B is twenty years old since 1999,  we start the new website, with all the achievements accomplished before and we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of 2020 as our new beginning.

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