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YB27K Series H-frame Structure Servo Hydraulic Press

  • YB27K Series H-frame Structure Servo Hydraulic Press
  • YB27K Series H-frame Structure Servo Hydraulic Press
  • YB27K Series H-frame Structure Servo Hydraulic Press

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Performance features:

● computer optimized design, prestressed composite frame fuselage, high rigidity and strength; Slide block four Angle eight side guide rail, high adjustment accuracy, good stability, strong anti-load capacity; Integrated control of two-way cartridge valve, connection of anti-leakage ring with flange pipeline system, and reduction of leakage points; With adjustment, manual, semi-automatic three process specifications and fixed schedule, fixed pressure two control mode; Hydraulic pad can be jacked up, not jacked up, stretching three process actions.

Scope of application:

● suitable for drawing, bending, forming, blanking, flanging and other processes of precision or precision parts. It can also be used for pressure testing and developing of large mould.

Configuration options:

● common configuration: PLC electrical control system, open-loop control; The pressure gauge shows the pressure and the travel switch controls the displacement.

● numerical control system: PLC electrical control system; Closed loop control; Pressure sensor, proportional pressure valve control pressure; Displacement sensor controls displacement; Touch screen display. Set the pressure, displacement, and other parameters; The process can be set according to the user's requirements, the action is sensitive and reliable; Man-machine dialogue, the hydraulic pressure, displacement, and other parameters can be adjusted randomly.

● servo control system: servo motor, driver, encoder, dual quantitative pump combination instead of asynchronous motor constant power combination and proportional pressure valve; Closed loop control; The motor speed is controlled by pressure setting, and the displacement is controlled by encoder and displacement sensor to achieve more accurate control of hydraulic press pressure, displacement, speed and other parameters. Man-machine dialogue, highly flexible work, quick programming, and control of work flow and various parameters (pressure, displacement, speed, etc.) on demand.


● energy saving about 20 ~ 50%.

● noise reduction environmental protection: avoid no-load noise and reduce the fluctuation of loading noise, the average noise reduction is more than 20 db.

● cooling and environmental protection: the energy-saving characteristics of the servo system reduce the oil heating, reduce the oil viscosity reduction caused by high oil temperature and seal aging, prevent oil leakage.

● higher control accuracy. The response is faster, allowing for more accurate control of displacement. Especially suitable for repeated positioning of hydraulic press and high synchronization accuracy requirements of the process occasions.

Optional accessories:

● moving work table, buffer device, photoelectric protection, batching device (mechanical, hydraulic), quick mold changing and clamping mechanism, mold changing trolley, etc.

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